About Colin Hayes

I have lived in South Cambridgeshire for many years and most of my paintings celebrate the East Anglian landscape, working mainly in soft pastels and recently in oils.  I also draw in sepia ink.  Exhibiting widely, I have been shown at the Mall Galleries in London as well as at prestigious venues in East Anglia, also in the South of France.  Over 350 of my works are now in other people’s collections in many other countries as well as the UK, including numerous commissions.  On this site you can see paintings and drawings from the UK, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.  Most of these works are no longer available for purchase, but they demonstrate the range and style of my painting and drawing. The landscapes are in soft pastel unless otherwise indicated.

After retiring from a career in publishing I was able at last to concentrate on painting and drawing.  During this time I studied for several years with James Horton, Past President of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA).  In 2006 I was elected a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society (CDS) at the first attempt.  The Society, founded in 1882 and with some famous members over the years, holds two large exhibitions a year in Cambridge containing all kinds of painting and drawing and is much respected.  Website: www.cambridgedrawingsociety.org

By clicking on each of the four images on the next page entitled GALLERY you will be taken to different categories of my work: landscapes at home and abroad, drawings, and commissioned works.  Please then click on any image of your choice within a gallery to see it enlarged, and its title.  I hope you enjoy visiting my site.



The Cambridge Drawing Society (CDS)


Friend of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA)

Friend of the Pastel Society

Friend of the Institute of East Anglian Artists (IEA)

Solo Exhibitions:

6 times privately at home from 2004 to 2019; another is planned for 2023

At Haut de Cagnes, near Nice, 2008

At Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 2013

Shared Exhibitions include:

With the RBA at the Mall Galleries, London 2014 and 2015

With the IEA at Holt in North Norfolk, 2017 and 2019

Twice every year with the CDS in Cambridge from 2006 to 2022

7 times at the prestigious Geedon Gallery, Fingringhoe, from 2008 to 2021

With the RBSA, Birmingham, 2011 (as a finalist in the EAC Over 60s Awards)

At St Stephens, Gloucester Road, Arts Festival 2014

A solo panel at The Gallery, Holt, 2017

At the Lexden Arts Festival, Colchester, 2017

And at numerous local exhibitions in Cambridgeshire

Prints and Cards